Voyce ft Obrian - "Radio Up"

(Voyce butler)
Real name Peter Butler life is i was born in Chicago and all my life i liked to sing since 6 yrs old. i been tryin hard to accomplish but people brIng me dOwn but I didn't listen to the other people i jus kept doing wat i do and make good music wit my brother docarri savage(young savage) its been hard everyday to try to put myself into the right category of life in music. i try and focuz on the real technique of how i can develop my own style in music and i maintain that all these years. tryin have support from all sorts of people and i been just brings the best i can. its real difficult cause i always got haterz around thats all i really need so i can build up my unique style. just making a critical move of the conception of the moderation of what i have to composed. always have to be in school first so i can exceed in future owning my record label. just opportunities im facing and thats what i have to try to find more of. but just holla ill be on tv soon...........and get my voyce (lol) heard all ova the world......!!!!!

Contact: voyce butler 
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This is nldsolutions

This is what Urban Digital Radio is supposed to sound like. We spin the whole record with no talking over it. We play Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Reggae, Funk, Urban Jazz, Pop, Ol' Skool, and Gospel.
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