DMANZ is releasing his first music project; mixtape “Don't Quit Your Day Job”. It serves as an introduction of DMANZ to the world as a rap artist.
With a smooth flow and the unique ability to paint pictures through storytelling DMANZ is certain to grow his fan base and create interest with the release of his first mixtape.

DMANZ has always been driven by Music, not only as an artist but as a person. "It is my release, my place of solace and I love it". DMANZ was born in Chicago and has spent most of his adult life in Tulsa Oklahoma. The contrast in location provided exposure to many different genres of music which DMANZ catalogues in his mind with memories throughout his life. "I can recall memories in my life through the playback of songs. Al Green's “So in Love with You”, James brown’s “The big payback”, 2Pac’s “Shorty Want to Be a Thug”. These songs all invoke emotions and provide vivid scenes of remembrance in my mind and this is the feeling I try to re-create with every DMANZ song".

DMANZ first started writing and recording songs as a way to keep occupied while in college. Between his college years and 2014 DMANZ had written and recorded over 70 songs but had shared none of them outside of his close-knit circle of family and friends. With every song he would demo for his friends the encouragement to share it with the public would grow. Sitting at his laptop one day he scrolled through his numerous songs many of which he didn't even have the rights to and a light bulb went off "It feels like it's my time". In early September of 2014 DMANZ set out to make his first mixtape in an attempt to share his music with the masses. Less than three full months later Don't Quit Your Day Job was complete. 

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