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Hello, This is the 2015 Media Kit for The Hype Magazine. I would like to bring to your attention a more effective way of reaching a brand-new core of potential consumers. Official Media Kit For The Hype Magazine - Click Here:>>   A majority of our readers have interests and tastes other than those offered within the confines of music culture. There is an emerging scene in the entertainment industry that embraces the creativity and boldness of News from Hip-Hop To Hollywood. In building a relationship with the magazine, you will find that there are other opportunities to gain association with us. If advertising is not feasible, we also offer: sponsorship opportunities, product trade-offs, promotional deals, and loyalty discounts. With all that we have to offer your outlet, it would be very beneficial to associate with the hottest magazine to hit the Newsstands. With The Hype Magazine, it's not about what you know, it's about...How You Perceive Everything! 

Please take the time to review the media kit and join businesses that have supported The Hype Magazine and enjoy the increase of inquires about their business. 

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