@JLegend88 J-SMOOTH - Remix to Chris Brown Liquor

Jaquel Pitts, better known by his stage name J-SMOOTH, is an American rapper. In 2012, J-SMOOTH created Jaquel Pitts and Associates. His record label is incorporated within his business. J-SMOOTH was in the 2015 NFL Draft. J-SMOOTH’s uncle John Dokes Jr is the former vice president of Marvel Entertainment and current general manager of Accuweather. J-SMOOTH is the cousin-in-law to NFL running back Darren McFadden. J-SMOOTH’s biological cousin Phillip Dokes Sr. played in the NFL. J-SMOOTH’s biological cousin Dre Dokes played in the CFL. J-SMOOTH graduated from Central Valley High School and College of the Siskiyous. J-SMOOTH frequently shows his appreciation for Bad Boy Records and May Bach Music Group. J-SMOOTH is an actor/singer/rapper/comedian/entertainer/model. J-SMOOTH has a single which is a remix to Chris Brown Liquor. His mix tape ‘’Journey to the Throne’’ will soon be released. 







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