New Single Sneak Peek by @SexySaraStokes Sara Stokes featuring Babs

Sara Stokes is a name you will probably never forget and for many reasons. She first gained public recognition on MTV’s extremely successful reality show, Making The Band 2 in 2002. Since then, Sara has been a household name. Sara joined the group, Da Band after a rigorous audition process that stemmed at the feet of music industry business tycoon and rapper, P. Diddy “Combs.”

After auditioning along with 70,000 hopefuls, P. Diddy selected six complete strangers with an immense amount of talent to make up what would be known as the group, Da Band. Sara Stokes from Port Huron, MI was one of the six hopefuls. With singing pips that are a force to be reckoned with, it was no doubt that Sara would grab P. Diddy’s attention and hold it.

Sara and group mates released their first album, Too Hot for TV that went one to sell over a million copies in 2003. Throughout the years, Sara has managed to keep herself busy with running marathons, getting her aesthetics license, acting in numerous movies, modeling, writing her biography, raising her three beautiful children and more recently, returning back to television as a cast member on BET’s upcoming reality series, “From The Bottom Up.” Executive produced by Queen Latifah and Nicci Gilbert, fans of the five women are sure to be exposed to some very interesting television.

Sara also plans to drop her first solo album later this year with the lead single, Sneak Peek. The future  looks very bright for Sara and the sky is definitely the limit for her.  

Sneak Peek by Sara Stokes featuring Babs

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