La.Roze @laroze4real - New Single "Exposed"

My name is Daniel De La Rosa aka La.Roze, and I'm 16 years old. I'm a local Atlanta, Georgia rap artist and I've been in the music industry for about 8 years, and look to make it very far in the business. I'm part of an amazing music group called $pendMoney the members of this group include Caskoooo,Free,Jaaay-Trigga,DickeyFashion, and KidEli our photographer. 

When i started rapping i was really a gospel artist, but i felt there was more needed to be said then what i was normally saying in the christian community so i stepped out of my comfort zone. The number one question i get is do i regret what i did, and the answer to that would be absolutely not. In my opinion as long as the truth is being spoken then that's all that matters no matter the genre. In my years of gospel rapping I've worked with artist such as Canton Jones,Plain James,Young Noah, and etc. They taught me a lot and the number one thing that stuck to me was never be ashamed of God, and myself. I'd to tell you about $pendMoney. 

This group isn't your normal Atlanta rap group we see what's real and fake about our society the thing is we never ignore it! We make sure no matter what we do it's different!

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Instagram: laroze4real
Twitter: laroze4real

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