Tyran Maxey @TyranMaxey - "Let Me Tell You A Story"

Returning is one of Chicago's most underrated hip hop rap specialist who is determined to produce and release hit records that will level the music industry.

His name is Tyran Maxey aka Falckun.

The Rapper, The Devil, The Music Industry truly challenges one's faith in the true living God when having to make a decision to go against the lust and desires of the heart. In the music industry, it is obvious that there is a need for conscious awareness in rap. 

Tyran Maxey will be the first to admit that he is not perfect however, he does his best in an attempt to display mass lyrical content to millions of listeners to bring a new light to the game of hip hop... His album is available everywhere online through practically every music distributor out there domestic and international. 

Tyran Maxey is already rotating on radio airwaves, in the UK, Canada and has begun his rise in the US. Check out his rhymes as they relate to the struggles and challenges that we are faced with daily. Ladies and gentlemen, a new hip hop god has emerged and his name is Tyran Maxey aka Falckun.

iTunes: www.falckunmusic.com

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