G.Q. @GQ2Trill - "Whole Lotta"

G.Q. is an MC and producer hailing from the United States. Growing up during the Gulf War, G.Q. found himself moving around a lot. Calling everywhere from Illinois to Tennessee, to New York to Virginia home; G.Q.’s music has been greatly influenced by his surroundings. Today, he resides in San Antonio, Texas.

It all began when G.Q. started rapping on the back of his school bus in 1998, and it was then that he wrote his first rap. From then until 2005, he mainly focused on exposing his music through freestyle battles. In 2005, he began recording his music for the first time, later forming the rap group, Radio. 

The group worked tirelessly together and went on to win many talent contests, one at the University of Southern Indiana, but later came to a halt after a tragic car accident which left one of the group members badly injured. 

After the accident, G.Q. found himself homeless for over a year. While living on the streets, he began selling narcotics until he could get back on his feet, which ultimately redirected and inspired him to rekindle his rap career. 

Today, G.Q. mainly focuses on hip-hop and its sub-genres, trap, rap, R&B and P - Funk. He cites his main musical influences as Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Rakim, Biggie, Nas, U.G.K., Outkast, TuPac and more. While he’s had to overcome many obstacles along the way, his lyrical ability and smooth flow truly
set G.Q. apart from the rest...

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