KeySoul @OfficialKeySoul - "05 Kobe"

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KeySoul - "05 Kobe"

Bio-My name is Keiontae Alexander aka KeySoul. I'm from Benton Harbor Michigan. My music is a unique form of rap I've grown to be accustomed to which is like soulful rap but with a inspiring and also hardcore twist to it. My music is simply put to be uniquely genuine in however fashion its recorded I lay my soul on every track so my music could just be named "Soul Exposure". I've started to be a professional with my music about a yea and a half ago but I've come along way with my first mixtape "Parallel Dreams" about to drop real soon. 2 pac honestly was the reason I started rapping because of the message his music delivered and what made me define my music is what he once said in a interview "Don't just nod your head to the beat, listen to what they're saying listen to the words and see if its real". That what influences my music and message entirely for me to give my soul to my music to put my soul into my music which that and everything I have been through is the key to my words which why i call myself Keysoul.

I grew up in Benton Harbor Michigan with two sisters as the only boy with a single mom. I didn't have really a father figure to tell me what I needed to know in life and coming up a lot happened and we struggled all the time. One day when I was 13 living in the projects like any other I was going through something feeling hopeless but this time I decided to listen to music. Music has always been in our household but i never listened to music for therapeutic reasons in a way. I listened to the song "changes" by 2pac and it changed my outlook on music the 2pac song reached my soul because it was a message I needed to hear plus it was completely real. Then in there i gained a passion for music and purpose. I wanted to reach people's soul like that song reached mine and help people like it did me.

I'm different from many artists simply because of where im from and my mindset especially on how I project it with my music. I am a rap artist not a rapper. My music is soulful and creative art but still keep my style versatile.

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