WicoSanii @WicoSanii - Chilly Story #ChillyStory #WicoSanii

WicoSanii - Chilly Story  #ChillyStory  #WicoSanii 

"Chilly shiny glory story of Chilly":
I have written my 3rd song Chilly Story for my best friends. We all work hard, nearly no time to meet friends or don´t have time for each other nor for ourselves....time is passing by so fast and sometimes we forget to chill, to relax, to love and have fun in our free time. Enjoy the journey of Chilly Story. Hope you´ll like it :-) Please let me know. Yours WicoSanii

Lyrics by: WicoSanii & Tejai Moore
Composed by: WicoSanii
Performed by: WicoSanii
Produced by: Gerhard Höffler
Mixed & Mastered by: Kenny Lewis
Arranged by: Gerhard Höffler
additional Arrangement by: WicoSanii
Video by: Gerhard Höffler

Twitter: @WicoSanii 

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