The Forest Romp -

The Forest Romp 
Melody Ray is a Native American who travels the world and shares how we can live in harmony with the earth. "We use our gift of speech to praise creation, we use our gift of sight to bathe in the beauty surrounding us, we use our sense of touch to connect to the energy of the earth, we use our sense of smell to experience our world and we use our sense of hearing to listen to the voices of creation big and small. The music in the Forest Romp Song is just one of the ways we can celebrate life and all creation." 

We are trying to let everyone hear the song prior to Earth Day. 

The Song is inside the Book and part of an earth day campaign which will be released on April 22, 2017

It is a fun and catchy tune with a commercial at the end which tells everyone to join us on Earth Day for The Forest Romp and gives the website address. 





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