Nias - "Without You" (VIDEO)

Nias - "Without You"
Nias is a songwriter / producer born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.  He started writing songs as a preteen.  From the beginning, he liked fusing various influences into his music, R&B, Pop, Reggae, and Folk.  He started writing songs first, and only began singing as a way to showcase his material. He later discovered that he possessed a five octave vocal range.  His production style emerges out of this same philosophy of creating a "sonic masala", or combining various influences.  Like those he admires artistically, Sade, Paper Aeroplanes, Lauren Hill, and Calvin Harris; one hears a synergistic blend of various influences within this writer / producer's music. 

  Currently, Nias is focused on branding his new company "Nias Intellectual Properties". He wants to bring his synergistic, vocally driven, catalogue to the right film and advertising projects, and leave his musical signature on the growing digital music landscape.  
 This particular offering Without You (Acoustic) was never meant to be a traditional radio hit.  As it was developing Nias states: “I tried to let it mature organically. I felt all these influences pulling at me, jazz, classical, and at the core an R&B song.  So, in production, I trusted those creative instincts and this sensual, simple, but classy arrangement emerged.  It borrows from the past; but is unmistakably a current production".  
 For the music fan, it definitely leaves one wanting more of this tantalizing signature of musical spices.  

 Bon appetite!  "Without you" with its acoustic treatment tastes like more!

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