Prez @prez784music - "Rick Flair"

Prez @prez784music - "Rick Flair"
Born Akene Keizer to Kemmie Scott Joshua and Leon Carmichael Keizer in Kingstown St. Vincent in the summer of 1982. Prez, as he is now popularly known migrated to the United States of America at the tender age of three and it was during his teen years there that he discovered his love for rap music. Battling boys three times his age, it wasn’t long before every villager of Crown Heights, Brooklyn where he was raised and schooled uncovered the talent this young lad possessed. He free styled his way to gaining the respect of opponents and admirers alike and it was during one of those free style sessions that he was discovered by nineties sex symbol “Little Kim” and Rapper Maino’s engineer Ka Money. Prez, short for president, a name adopted from his father’s nickname soon spent a lot of his time being mentored by little Kim who not only acknowledged the star that she had just discovered but given free rein to record at the Fully Focused Studio. What is a lasting memory in young Prez’s mind is being around such stars and having his work praised by said artist.  Soon after members of Prez family would disassociate him from music in a whole where he would lose contact with Kim.

Prez was then affiliated with the popular record label Murder Inc and was well on his way to stardom.  This would come about while meeting a nephew of Murder Inc. A & R Hollywood by the name of T..O.F of Harlem.  TOF would introduce Prez to battling though he was a better writer.  For some reason Prez was a natural at the battling prompting T.O.F to call uncle Hollywood to seen this young 19 yr. Old prodigy. Upon hearing the rapper, meetings were held to sign the young artist. Under the watchful eyes of Hollywood and friend T.O.F would record 5 songs before a tragic break in his music. Prez was indicted and charged with a two felony’s for possession and sales of crack cocaine. Sentenced to do 5 years no signings were made and the rapper went to serve his time and vowed to give up on music.  Being released early on good behaviour and entry into the shock program the rapper would focus more on work and family.

Not too long after Prez would come back to his native home of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to reside with family members. To rescue himself from what he described as culture shock Prez began writing again and recording hip hop music. This time with breath-taking speed Prez became popular and relevant in a soca and dancehall country for his witty lines, flawless writing and genius concepts. In less than 6 months he became known by all major producers and artists in SVG and Jamaica by dazzling crowds and ripping shows packed with local stars who would tip their hats at the amazing skills of the rapper. Upon meeting fellow rappers Fross and Lil Pain who introduced him to producers Mark Cyrus and Alex Barnwell Prez began recording major tracks and even dropping a mix tape entitled Dreams Come Thru. He auditioned for Island Def Jam VP Max Goose and World renowned Ivan Berry at Buccament Bay Resort in SVG.  He signed on with Island Soul Management on a two year contract and is currently working now with Mark Cyrus on a series of moves and deals. In Prez’s own words “Mark and fellow singer/songwriter Kandy has given him the motivation and drive to do what he loves”. “Working with Mark is a breath of fresh air.” Most recently Prez has been signed to Tarakon Records, his signing party took place on March 31st 2017 and Prez has made history by being the first Hip Hop artist hailing from St Vincent to sign a major deal. Tarakon Records was founded by Kevin and Jacqueline Lyttle in 2007. The label was initially created to represent international star, Kevin Lyttle. Mr. Lyttle is renowned for producing exemplary music by fusing Soca, Reggae R&B and other sounds, which has formed the current modern music template. Prez is a great addition to the Tarakon Records artist roster and this very significant signing will aid in propelling Prez to greater heights.

As the journey continues and C2W in the fold for me the sky is the limit or maybe I’m living without limits but I’m destined for greatness and the top. My ambition is to be mentioned among the all time Greats.

instagram: @prez784music

Telephone: +1 (784) 454-2394

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