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Alabama-based musician embraces unique identity, encourages fans to explore new ideas

ROANOKE, AL – When people see YBMrDoItAll on stage, they don’t know what to make of him … and he loves it! Standing on stage with dreadlocks and a guitar at a hip-hop concert always seems to throw his fans off, and he fully embraces the identity of someone who doesn’t do things as expected.

“More than anything, I don’t want to be known as a rapper. I want to be known as an artist,” said the Alabama-based musician. “Usually people will relate the image with the music, and I feel like my image is really off-set. People don’t know what I’m going to do. My personality is really mellow, and people sometimes say I’m too calm for the music I do. And I will play a song with really chill vibes from time-to-time, but then I’ll jump from that to a really hype rock song. I have yet to do a set that didn’t have two songs in different worlds.”

His new album, “Wrong,” is an extension of that mentality and one that he hopes will convey a message to the world that he said more and more people need to hear in this day and age. That message is this: there’s no one set way to do things and that’s beautiful.

“With ‘Wrong’ I’m showcasing different sounds and it’s all based around the idea that people are fixed on a certain way of doing things and they’re convinced it’s the only way to do it,” he said. “But in reality there are so many ways to do things. Nothing is ever set in stone. I’m an artist, not just a rapper. I see so many artists who try to portray that they aren’t human – that they’re different. But I want people to know I’m a regular person. I don’t want them to get an outlook that I do things differently than a regular person.”

Toward that end, YBMrDoItAll writes music with lyrics that talk about day-to-day life – from relationships to experiences to moments in time that almost anyone in the world can relate to. His stage name also nods to the kind of musician he is – someone who can do everything when it comes to music, from rock to pop to rap to reggae.

He said that music is a literal release for him – a way to escape the present and allow his mind to surf any and all possibilities. When it comes to artistic temperament, he is outgoing and never really gets mad. In fact, his personality matches his music in that his constant aim is to help make others feel happy. He also has a unique way of adding creativity to everything he does, no matter how mundane the situation.

“My music is relevant and positive because I aim to touch people with real problems and in real-life situations,” he said. “I’m not rich and I want people to know that. I don’t like the separation and elitism that fame can bring.”

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