Dr Optimiser - "What If"


It all started when...

In 2002 the former drummer from Kosheen installed a PC with music software in a Derby student dwelling. This altered the direction and type of music that Neil Garrett (aka Dr Optimiser) had been making up till that point. Neil Garrett was part of several bands since 1998. He played bass in a studio 3 piece called 'Foetus Drummer' with drummer Ian Streeter and the late Toby Horrobin on lead guitar.

In 1999 Neil worked on side project 'In with Kate' with friend Tim Hiscock playing keyboards, guitar, bass and occasional vocals. The duo had previous worked together in the mid-nineties in a band entitled 'Pear Shaped' In 2001 Neil was part of a band called 'Foot in Mouth' that formed for only one gig. The band was made up of two members of local Taunton band 'Psychodeliasmith', as well as Tim Gagg and Gavin Fowler, who later went on to be part of 'I am Aquitaine'. 'Foot in Mouth' played one gig at the Farmers Arms, West Hatch, Somerset, playing mainly covers of Radiohead, The Who, The Beatles, Blur, and their own signature song called 'Disinfectant', which was played twice by request of the encore.

Neil was inspired by flat mates and friends, who were studying music technology at university to expand his knowledge of music. When music software was installed as part of a standard package on his PC, he began experimenting with digital composing, processing, sampling and optimising. The result was the development of the synonym Dr Optimiser.

Dr Optimiser's music predominantly could be categorised under jazz, drum and bass, and experimental. Often the music is upbeat with a guitar, sax or piano at the heart of the tune. 

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