KramD @kramdofficial - Ma-Ma Mein Team - Official Musikvideo

The debut album GAD by rapper KramD is here! It's available everywhere in the trade, like Amazon, iTunes and co. GAD could be pre-ordered since 30.10.17. After his last single "Ma-Ma My Team", the musician is following his well-known style with the album GAD: hard tracks, authentic lyrics and energetic basses! With these elements, he has been thrilling a steadily growing fanbase for the last 5 years. His album GAD was long awaited. The rap artist is a true multi-talent and, in addition to his career as a musician, has also built up his own label.
KramD is a 27-year-old German-speaking rapper from Bavaria. Formerly known as Dmark, the young artist entered the music business through beats. Soon his interest and talent for writing song lyrics became apparent. In 2011 he started raping and delighted his numerous listeners: With his most successful single "Never Believe Me", which he published in 2016, he stayed in the Top10 of the charts for a year99! His music belongs to the genre of "German-speaking hip-hop" and is supported by heavy bass and provocative lyrics. The energetic melodies with hard lyrics create German rap music par excellence. The Bavarian is a musician with all his heart: "Music is my life. I can express my aggression, my suffering, my anger and my thoughts in music without being stared at stupidly ", he reveals in an interview. He describes his music as aggressive rap in which he expresses himself and realizes himself.


GAD stands for geileralsdu, the name of his own label. The title is challenging and confident, like the songs themselves. GAD immediately entered the Amazon Bestseller Rank # 50. GAD has 12 titles, including his successful single "Tell Me Who" and the song "Ma-Ma My Team". For this single, the rapper has released his first music video on Youtube. "Ma-Ma My Team" shines with his lyrics and cool beats and is ranked number 72 on the Amazon Bestseller Rank. The music video is highly professional and shows: KramD is serious about his music career!
The young rap artist wants to live on music, that means we will, luckily, hear a lot from him! If you do not want things to listen to, but things to wear KramD, it pays off to look at his own label page . There is a selection of cool merchandise items. Stay tuned, what is still doing in the German rap talent! With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you are always up-to-date with the latest events around the aspiring musician. If you like German hip hop with hard lyrics and melodic beats, you should definitely listen to the album GAD!

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