PurpMiya - One Up

PurpMiya - One Up

Jamiya Devone Grant AKA Purpmiya was born in Washington D.C and left America at age 1 after his Mom & Dad married and wanted to start a life in Jamaica. They initially relocated to the capital city of Kingston upon return but then later settled in Mandeville because it was a flourishing city budding with return residents and his parents saw business prospect in the growing town.

Purpmiya started to entertain because his father owned a sound system that played all over the country, as well as a sports bar & grill which he would frequently visit as a child, it was then that he realized what music did and how it influenced a vibe and feeling amongst the masses which ignited a spark in him to become an entertainer and in the 9th grade he started doing his own recordings at home.

Every song the rapper does has some type of Jamaican influence, which he refers to “Yaad rap”. What separates Purpmiya from anyone else in his genre is simply how he doesn’t cling to what the majority is doing. “The island vibe is starting to trend in hip-hop music. The difference between me and other artists who incorporate this is how my Jamaican side comes out so naturally. I’m not trying to be something I’m not. It’s just authentic,” said the artist. In other words, Purpmiya stays focused and in his own lane at all times. This is what continues to make him so successful.

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