Lord Conrad - The new European EDM King

Lord Conrad's 'Only You' music single cover is 100% gangsta excellence

The music cover of Lord Conrad's 'Only You' project is reminiscent of great rappers music covers of the past

When was the last time you saw an album cover worth remembering? I mean a great album cover?

Nothing tops the 'Abbey Road' album cover by the Beatles. The picture of the boys from Liverpool walking on the zebra crossing on their way to the studio is perhaps the most famous album cover of all time.

For 80s kid like myself, Michael Jackson in all of his coco-sheen glory on 'Thriller' is a memorable album cover that reminds us of moonwalks and epic music videos.

Rap music came out in the 90s and the album cover of DMX's sophomore album 'Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood' shot by Hip-Hop photographer Jonathan Mannion would live on forever.

Lord Conrad music cover is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but when you look deeper, you discover stronger themes.

This album cover doesn't come off as the work of a graphic designer fiddling with photoshop and a high-resolution image of the artist.

The man behind the striking visuals is Maurizio Montani who is The world top italian fashion Photograher. 

In a brief interview with Lord, he breaks down how the music cover came about.

Can you break down the concept of the artwork?

At first glance, there’s a feeling of intense gansgta within the artwork; the almost pitch black muscled upper torso of Lord against a dense gangsta money n cars background. 

He is crowned just like in the coronation of a rapper king. 

This type of layout style is often adopted by usa rappers. This is to represent how Lord Conrad is always suitable and original in his art.

The colours money/green and black/yellow are very dominant on the album cover. Do they represent Lord's history with money and association with gangsta playboy beauty?

Yes and no. The Playboy represents Lord's origin and his Aesthetic Goolooking image, while the money/green in the artwork represents power, royalty, success and the reward for the hard work.

The colours don’t only represent Lord, but everyone who wants to achieve success in life.

Did you take any inspiration from Mack & Malone - Money Music album?

As a visual artist, I get inspiration from everything I see. It comes from the Internet, on TV, on the streets; everything around me. 

I didn’t set out to create Mack & Malone cover. I had an idea and using my skill and knowledge in graphic design, layout and typography I created the Only You cover. 

In the end, it just coincidentally happened to have some resemblance with the Mack & Malone cover.

The Italian Celebrity Lord Conrad, with 5 Massive International Music Hits is Now THE NEXT BIG STAR

The multifaceted artist with a thousand talents is already an international rising star. Lord Conrad began his career, in the world of entertainment, as a model and a dancer. Now, with his music, he is able to further expand his expectations and his creativity. His musical ability as a DJ, composer and songwriter is undeniable and highly appreciated by his audience.

His success and talent are particularly evident in His debut mixtape Touch the Sky which has received more than one and a half million views in his famous official YouTube channel and still growing

Lord Conrad had an unexpected impact

The track was played worldwide on radio and TV, and the mixtape entered at 5th position on the EMERGING200 world official chart.

Lord Conrad, the model turned musician and a multi-talented artist from Italy is rocking the stage again with his new single, ‘Day After Day’ in April 2018 and has continued his international chart-busting streak following on the international success of ‘Touch the Sky’.

Lord Conrad: “1 Minute”  is his 3d single has been descibed as charisma and artistry! and has been receiving favorable reviews from all quarters.

Fight Till The End his 4th single is still one of the most appreciated pieces by Electro House music lovers.

“Fight Till The End” is brimming with both clean and dirty sounds, tactfully chosen to make you shake your backside. The real appeal of Lord Conrad’s composition is that it requires minimal pre-listening before you are humming along to the synth melody and moving your body to the rhythm of the beat, as if you have heard it all before.

With "Only You" music track lord is already crowned The new european EDM king

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