Chris Perkins a.k.a. P$RK is from Baton Rouge,La


Chris Perkins a.k.a. P$RK is from Baton Rouge,La . Same hometown as hip hop moguls Kevin Gates,Lil Boosie, Nba Youngboy, Sherwood Marty, and Webbie. Many people compare my voice to just like hip hop rapper from out of New Orleans,La. I have an upcoming album called Element of Surprise on the way. This album is going to be one of the best put albums from Louisiana in a long time. 

My goal and vision is to turn Another Perk Productions into the next No Limit Records. This albulm will bring you back in time with that new school twist. P$RK is a walking testimony with a substantial criminal record, and many stories to tell. He came home from a four year bid to a 3 year old son that was born while he was locked up, then as he been home seen his child hood role model die in front of him. 

After the world taking him through such a toll to a breaking point to the point where music was his only option to vent. Out now is his club single "Yea wit the yeah". On all streams; spotify, iTunes, google music, and tidal. 

Follow him on Instagram @darealperk.

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