Ade identifies with new-age Hip-Hop

Ade is an up and coming hip-hop artist based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Ade has just released their first single “Yeah (2x)”, produced by R.bA.

The artist is deeply inspired by the uplifting beats and memorable lyrical compositions present in Michael Jackson’s music. Yet, the artist’s musical passion doesn’t just stop there.

On top of this, Ade is also influenced by famous Nigerian musicians, such as Styl Plus to name just one. However, Ade brings a fresh and innovative approach to this classic hip-hop vibe.

Ade’s identifies with new-age hip-hop, a genre that perfectly aligns with the artist’s summery and multi-layered expression.

To find out more about Ade and keep updated with future releases and shows, check out the link below!

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