Brndn - Good Vibes

Brndn - Good Vibes

Brndn is one of Atlanta’s singular up-and-coming recording artistes with a flair for creating emotive music. Brndn has worked with such artistes as Lil Yachty, Future, Tyga, Yung Bans, Ugly God, 6 Dogs, TheGoodPerry, Nessly, and others. In addition to his great music, Brndn is also a masterful music mixing engineer. The level of his artistry and engineering expertise can be heard not only in his own music but also in the music of many famous artistes, including mixing 18 tracks on the new mega hit album “Misunderstood” by Yung Bans. Whether it’s for creating reflective, happy, intense, funny, or provocative songs, or for being a Whiz kid in the recording studio, Brndn’s music has definitely struck a responsive chord with fans worldwide, and they love him for it.


Contact: Dr. Sterling at 404-642-4955 for all inquiries, bookings, and features.

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