Dru Yates ft Breland - Marry Me

Dru Yates ft Breland - Marry Me

Dru was born in Germany, and soon after his parents moved to the United States where he grew up in Queens, NY., Andrew discovered at an early age his love of music, between the age of 7 and 13 his talents flourish while performing at local talent shows his mother would take him to perform in. It was during this time in his childhood his musical talents were developed.

He was motivated by the energy from the crowd, this experience while performing at a young age sparked his interest to get more involved, as he was hooked and fell in love with music. Later in his musical growth, he became extremely talented not only as an artist but a songwriter.
This work allows for more created control and gave him a greater opportunity to share his musical talents with the world in hopes that someday his music would help the listener get through hard times. His type of inspirational music comes from the sacrifices his mother made to allow him to pursue his music career.

This inspiration which motivates him to be successful not only for himself but for the sacrifices his mother made early in his career. There is never enough word to help express and show her, how much she was and is appreciated. Dru's motivation and drive to be successful, fall even deeper as he works hard accomplishing the very thing he promised his older brother John Yates, who's currently incarcerated, that he would someday make it in the music industry - to do so.

Aside from his musical endeavors, he's always thinking of ways and ideas to better himself as a person. So he can be a better artist for his fans. And although living life and taking time out to have fun; whenever he isn't in the studio, listening to different instrumentals to capture his next hit song, it's safe to say that Dru Yates is your down to earth, ordinary person.

Twitter: thedruyates
FB: therealdruyates


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