Gary M. Vasey - "Talk Talk"

Music has always been a strong interest of mine.
I taught myself Guitar in my teens and over the years have written and performed many songs. My musical taste is far and wide, but I particularly enjoy artists like Bush, Opeth, Stephen Wilson, David Bowie, OMD, T. Rex, and similar…. I’m not sure what influences my own compositions. I like melodic and somewhat complex sounds although often, the song structures are quite simple.
Back in the day, I played with a band called NEMO and we even recorded a single – a song called Norma Jean that I wrote. At College, I was stage manager for a while and I met people like The Police, Paul Young, Billy Idol, Wreckless Eric and many, many more….
For sometime I simply dropped playing guitar – something like 30-years in fact! Recently, I picked it up and magic happened…..
You can hollow me on Twitter at @TalkTalk2016 for my music or stay in touch via my email list – subscribe below.
The Early Years
Recently, I found myself writing a whole bunch of songs and it turned into an album!
The album is out now – The Early Years. 
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