Hatchatorium is primarily just me (Doug Bond), but in order to play gigs and tour in support of my albums, I have to use other musicians. I also sometimes collaborate with other musicians when it comes to writing, and I sometimes use these same musicians in the studio, and when playing live. I've been writing and playing music for over 30 years, and in addition to singing and playing guitar, I also play bass, keys and drums. I've played and collaborated with some of the best musicians in the business, and I've learned a lot from them. In the process, I've also made some really good friends. I hope you enjoy the music I've created here, and if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me at: info@hatchatorium.com.

It's currently #10 on http://www.hitsyoulove.com/chart/top-40-pop-songs-april-22-may-5-2018/ on BMS Radio Chicago.

Official Website for Hatchatorium: http://hatchatorium.com

Official Facebook Page for Hatchatorium: http://facebook.com/HatchatoriumPage

Official Twitter for Hatchatorium: @Hatchatorium

Official Video for "I Want You To Die!": https://youtu.be/IznDzIe09fo

Hashtags: #IWantYouToDie

Contact Information:

E-mail: contact@hatchatorium.com
Phone: 706-201-4625

Official Spotify for "I Want You To Die": https://open.spotify.com/album/7FpjPLo0el4EqtnBZhcfs0

Official Soundcloud for "I Want You To Die": https://soundcloud.com/dougbond/i-want-you-to-die-single

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