Leslie Carron is a songwriter and session singer from London, ON.

Leslie Carron is a songwriter and session singer from London, ON. She comes from a family of musicians and has been making up songs ever since she could speak. She is currently working on many new musical projects and is preparing to perform in a local musical called “99% The Occupy Story”.
Leslie is also recording some singles with Toronto based record producer Ralph Staples from Verbal Music Inc. A nine-track album is due in August of 2018. The album promises a rich and deep diversity with many different genre including Reggae, hip-hop, R&B, and Alternative.

She currently has four singles (Love me anytime, Survival, You’ll never find happiness, and Warm up the engine) in rotation on radio stations globally. ‘Love me anytime’ is a classic hip-hop/R&b love song in which Leslie delivers a sexy and romantic tone with a pleasing request to her lover to love her anytime. ‘Survival’ is a motivational reggae song dealing with hardship and struggles in society.

‘You’ll never find happiness’ is a love song where Carron delivers a heartfelt statement to her lover about the pain and struggles that one can endure when love hurts. ‘Warm up the engine’ is a dancehall love song where Leslie delivers a flirtatious and sexy attitude.

All four tracks and the album has potential for a bright future. The artist with a very rich, clean, sexy and unique vocals has unlimited promise and looking forward to her album release. She’s truly a star in the making.

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