Southern made and bonafide, Mista Unique emerges from the depths of North Louisiana with a journey to unfold through his lyrics. Since 12 years of age, the artistry of ​UGK​ and Outkast​ opened his heart to a dimension of expression like never before. 

Diving deeper into the world of Hip Hop and Rap, Mista Unique was intrigued by ​Lil’ Wayne​ and ​Eminem and the tracks followed suit. “Real is the new fake and I ain’t with it” states Mista Unique as he dedicates his future work to the realness of life and overcoming the struggles. 

Mista Unique has spent the last 5 years developing a new sound of the 318 to release album entitled #FDB2DB. His latest single “Bounce Back” promises to reaffirm North Louisiana as a trap haven with Mista Unique sitting at the throne. 

Mista Unique invites you to join the journey on his social media sites: 
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