"COFFEA" magazine is for the young adult from all cultures.

COFFEA is a minority and woman-owned business. As well as teaching by example, we strive to be used as a networking tool to provide people with an outlook on who is doing what in their community.  We also work with non-profit organizations such as The National Hook-Up of Black Women to promote literacy.  We began business in November 1, 2009.  Our staff was small, but dedicated.  Currently circulated in the Chicago-land area, we are now involved in projects to broaden our readership.  We focus on entrepreneurship and promoting community awareness.
COFFEA still focuses on the same mission: COFFEA has a commitment to focus on and give examples of rising leaders. Much like the coffee plant, it exemplifies strength and the ability to withstand all severe obstacles. It will produce seeds of knowledge and compassion to inform the community about upcoming issues and exclusive events, be entertaining or political, that will affect the world culture in the future. It will also focus on influences of the past affecting the present. It will encourage interaction between young adults facing the same issues in becoming educated and remaining aware. Its ideals will feed the minds of new leaders who will lead with the help of wisdom and faith.

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