Earl Ray Da Ogre - Counterfeit ft Crim Cayne

Lock your doors, hide your kids, and hide your wife…..The Zu Nation’s resident psycho is on the war path. Well, to be honest, he’s almost always on the war path, but that’s why we love him. Born and raised in Oak Cliff, TX, the Ogre is straight forward with his delivery, pulling no punches and devoid of flashing lights. He is angry, opinionated, and he is abrasively unrelenting in his quest of world domination. Earl Ray Da Ogre does hip hop his way with no compromising for anyone. In other words, if you are in his cross hairs, make preparations to be eliminated. The Ogre is also what we like to call here at the Zu a serial recorder. This man has more projects on our studio hard drive than Chicago has gangs or VH1 has reality shows. Throughout all one million of his songs, a few themes ring bells……… Earl Ray Da Ogre has a love for the color blue, fast cars, and absolute carnage. With a catalog that includes fan favorites such as Unhappy Gilmore and The World vs. Raymond Cook, Da Ogre has had a substantial impact on the underground scene over the last few years. He has also had success with his protege The Brazilian Bambino as the group Foreign Familia, releasing the mixtape North Amercan Muscle, South American Hustle, as well as the full length LP From Brazil to Oak Cliff. Earl Ray Da Ogre has plenty more ammo in the clip for the near future, including the forthcoming album U.S.S.R. You’ve been warned…


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