@IamPrenze - Fling Season Ft. @ShamicaSinclair (Prod. by @itsWavey)

Prenze (Pre-nce), an artist from the east side of Toronto, seeks to bring his approach of simplicity and honesty to the masses. After attending Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) Prenze immersed himself deep into his writing and began to focus his energy on developing a sound and style.
He recently released two singles' Trapped' and 'Fling Season', off his upcoming project ‘summer SOULstice’ produced by Wavey.  Both songs especially the latter have received growing popularity online, gaining over 150k plays in 7 days.
Prenze's focus is on story-telling and lyricism. With his nonchalant delivery and smooth wordplay, his sound can be classified as 'mellow music'; bringing 'substance with a commercial sound to the genre. His dream is not unlike many others. His story, relatable.
Drawing inspiration from J-Cole, Nas, AZ, K'naan, and many others, Prenze hopes to use these traits to distinguish himself in an industry filled with over the top extravagance and un-relatable characters.
Prenze has completed his debut project, "My Last Winter", and has recently released his sophomore tape, 'Fall Short: The Autumn EP' which he hopes will connect with many people and be the beginning of a long promising career as a performer. 
Contact Prenze at iamprenze@gmail.com and follow Prenze on Twitter @IamPrenze

Listen to Prenze on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/prenze

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