Rapper artist Jay Kelly is the Clarksdale, MS native being designated the new ‘It’ man of recording industry. With little to moderate promotion of his artistry, the rapper gained respect through his debut and highly controversial single ‘Nuttin In These B*tches”. The song with its objectionable lyrics and subject matter garnered nationwide attention and immediately went viral. With such success early in his career, there is no doubt that his name may be hot topic for years to come.
Jay Kelly’s story didn’t come quite so easy. Born in the Mississippi Delta, Jay Kelly learned early to make due on his own hustle. He easily gravitated to his love of music. He along with some of classmates formed the group “Dirty South Sluggaz” and garnered local success. After college he focused on managing artists and the business side of the music industry. He never considered himself to be a rapper he always enjoyed being behind the scenes.
Jay Kelly knew that local success was not enough and he would have to travel to pursue his dreams. After a short stint in Jackson,MS and Houston TX, Jay Kelly eventually settled in Atlanta GA. His travels showed him that having your own signature sound was the key to success.
After the success of “Nuttin’ In These B*tches” Jay Kelly started his movement called “Anti-Regular” to coincide with his movement the Hustle Hard Campaign. He prides himself on doing and saying everything that the normal person is scared to say. All the things that society deems inappropriate Jay Kelly is not scared to voice his opinion on. Although “NITB” originally started as a freestyle for his closest friends Jay Kelly used that platform to make a statement in the hip-hop industry. Jay Kelly’s social imprint and interactions with his fans has caused his fanbase to continuously grow. With new albums and new music on the way Jay Kelly is destined to take the Anti-Regular movement global.

Mr. I BE NUTTING IN THESE BITCHES #AntiRegular 832.429.6870

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