MP3Waxx Services

MP3Waxx Services
MP3Waxx is rated the #1 MP3 service
for major & independent artists.
Submit & Send Your Music, Videos & Mixtapes
To Over  843,000 Industry Contacts
Radio, DJs & Record Labels
*We service the most records for major & independent artists*  
MP3Waxx New Pricing & Services
Service Your Music, Video & Mixtapes
To All The Elite Music Industry Contacts,
DJs, Radio Stations, Record Labels,
Producers & Media

1 Email Blast sending your music and music video directly to all the elite music industry contacts & 65,000 DJs
- - -

Mixtape Package - $200
-MP3Waxx sends your mixtape with all music,
artwork, playlist & all social network
links included to all the elite music industry contacts.
- - -
Includes 5 Email Blasts
sending your music and music video directly
to all the elite music industry contacts for 8 Weeks
-1 Week Artist Banner Placement 
on Homepage
(Very Important)
-Your Music Permanently Placed on
-Your Music Video Permanently Placed on

- Twitter Blast to 170,000+ Twitter Followers
- Your Mixtape Sent to All Industry Contacts
- - -
1.  6 MUSIC & MUSIC VIDEO EMAIL BLASTS for 8 weeks. (Videos Optional)
2. NEW MP3Waxx Connects You The Artist Directly On Live DJ Conference Calls;
Getting You Live Feedback On Your Record From All DJs Around The Country
(Radio DJs, Club DJs & Mixtape DJs)
 3.  NEW Artist Promotional MobileWeb - The #1 Way for artists to personally promote their music, music video, social networks, mixtapes & website. View MobileWeb DEMO

  4. World Premiere Music & Music Video To All Music Industry Contacts
 & 65,000 DJs (Guaranteed)
 5.  Include Your Music With All Major Artist Downloads (Guaranteed)
 6.  Exclusive Artist Page designed and hosted on
 7.  Artist article included in all major industry news & distributed daily for 1 week
 8.  New Artist Article (includes music, music video & bio)
 8. 1 Week Featured Artist Banner Placement on Homepage (Very Important)
 9.  Artist New Music Permanently Placed on
 10.  Permanent Music Video Placement on
 11.  Artist Press Release Created
 12.  We provide you direct networking with the MP3Waxx TOP 1000 DJs.
 13.  6 Twitter Blasts to over 170,000 Twitter Followers (Guaranteed)
 14.  Send your mixtape to over 843,000 industry contacts (Guaranteed)
 15.  Artist Mixtape Available For Download on

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This is what Urban Digital Radio is supposed to sound like. We spin the whole record with no talking over it. We play Hip-Hop, RnB, House, Reggae, Funk, Urban Jazz, Pop, Ol' Skool, and Gospel.
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