Ricky Jones

The traditional line of R&B love men is a long and distinguished one.  Many are led to believe they have the calling, but few live up to the standard.  One man who has put in the time, preparation and inspiration to carry the torch is Ricky Jones. 

The versatile singer, songwriter, producer/performer is working on an astoundingly well-rounded soul album, thoroughly living up to his newly acquired nickname, "The King of Hearts".

Mr. Jones puts his expertise on the female heart, soul and libido into sensual motion on blazing new songs such as "Your Everything" (reminiscent of Prince's Adore), "Crazy", "I Want U", "Oh Girl" and the dreamy "Angel".  Ricky is striving to successfully capture 360 degrees of soul music including party tracks (the club jam "The Next Round"), plus fast and slow versions of the mood-maker "The Only One" - the latter of which proves he studied his Ronald Isley lessons well.  The album will be introduced by a true heat seeker "She's Got a Man" (a sizzling story about the prospect of beautiful couple finding it hard to control their desire for one another while still committed to another relationship.  The song features incredible performances from Crooked I and Kanary Diamonds.  And "I'm Ready" (a deeply romantic ballad on which Ricky professes his preparedness to lock his lady down and make her his wife).

What really sets Ricky apart though is his absolute domination of the stage.  He is a virtual force to be reckoned with, utilizing not only an amazing array of vocal gymnastics but an unmatched charm and charisma to which his audience immediately connects.  His ability to improvise only enhances the experience and truly makes his performance unique.  To promote this current album, Ricky will be touring with a full band, including rhythm section, horns, and three incredible back ground vocalists.  He performs all over the country and at some of the hottest spots in the L.A. area - The Rhythm Lounge, Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade acclaimed nightspot, Samba in Redondo Beach, Platinum Life, Monsoon, Beverly Hills Aqua Lounge and the famous Stevie's Creole Cafe & Bar, just to name a few.

Release was produced by some of the industry's hottest producers, including Keith Andes (Diana Ross, Babyface and Toni Braxton), Kirv (Dr. Dre and 50 Cent), Mike Cee (Kindred and Jennifer Lopez), Laythan Armor (Barry White and bobby "Blue" Bland), Khris Kellow (Ginuwine, Patti LaBelle and Christina Aguilera), Ervin Pope (Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Kanye West) and Boom-Batt Productions (Jazmine).

PURCHASE ON ITUNES:https://itun.es/us/sHWU3

 Contact: Stephanie M. Jordan: Steph@werkentertainment.com
Twitter: @Rickyjones136
FaceBook: Ricky Jones

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