CONCERN OFF “THE PROJECT”: Thejeromexperience/Andy Sweetland ABStract Productions


“The Project” has come about over a number of years and is essentially the manifestation of a concept, which Jerome had, of combining his drumming performances with a spectacular visual component.
To get a better understanding of “what Jerome is about”, for those who don’t know, I recommend a visit to his sister site “The Jerome Experience”. There you will be able to follow his creative journey from the night-clubs of Paris with his heavy rock band “Morphyl Hate”, through a series of TV, Radio and live performances, world record titles and charity fund raising events right up to date and the launch of “The Project”.
It was during the development of the original Thejeromexperience web site that Jerome first told me about his vision to create a drumming extravaganza, or as he worded it “Something truly original and exciting which can entertain and amaze..”. Jerome is one of these people who are extremely positive about life so I knew there and then that it would happen. As we discussed it further Jerome explained his basic ideas and had created a model of the stage set he had in mind. Things moved forward from there and, despite a couple of over enthusiastic start predictions which were disrupted due to technical issues, we are now READY to GO! The stage set has been designed, built and tested and is now in use, in it’s secret location, for rehearsals.
During the development of the stage set it was necessary to approach a number of individuals and companies but trying to explain just what we had in mind was, to say the least, challenging. The answer we came up with was to produce a short video presentation and when showing the video just refer to the concept as “The Jerome Experience Project”. Within the team working on it this soon got shortened to just:-

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