@dkashmusic "Dima Kash - Can't Breath" Now Playing on @NLDRADIO

Dima Kash is a Russian born rapper, songwriter, artist, studio owner, who immigrated to the USA at an early age.  Hoping to make an impact, he is striving for success and nothing less. Be on watch, because at this rate, with the work ethic and motivation that he has, he will be a household name in no time. “From Russia to the Midwest of the US”. His style is original, versatile, creative, poetic, and for god sakes he can also rap in Russian and is fluent in the language….Tour in Russia maybe??!! Bottom line this kid is destined for greatness, and nothing will stand in his way. I believe if it does he will just hurdle over the obstacle just like every other time in his life. “MUSIC IS MY PASSION” Dima Kash

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