Music teacher & Oakland native Jaye Sanders made his first melody at the age of eight. By
the time he was thirteen, this singer/songwriter/producer was writing his own songs and
making beats!
Jaye spent most of the 90's in the company of music-loving friends, roomates, deejays and
producers who exposed him to a wide range of musical styles and blends.
He would spend all day in the studio making beats, strike out at night on his bike to shop at
all the stores, and then, finally, on to the hippest clubs to sample the new music. Needless
to say he had “Dummy Dedication.”
A true Hip -Hop head at heart, Sanders' music started becoming reflective of all the records
his roommates were spinning at the time. They jokingly gave him the nickname, “The Black
Moby”. “I didn't mind really, Moby's a great musician! I heard lots of different artists that my
roommates would play..Moby's records were just very popular in the house”, Jaye
remembers. “His sound was definitely starting to come out in my beat production..” that
quirky, funky type of thing...".


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