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Megawatts is the next in line to grace the Hip Hop scene. Influenced by great rap pioneers, his upbringing and faith, his character embodies several different forms that testify to his gift, showing several artistic sides to his craft. 'Jermajesty' represents his out of the box producer side. His beats exhibit a melodic blend ranging from smooth laid back sequences, to party hits and gritty bass driven anthems. His creativity and unique production style offers a distinct sound, unlike anything heard today. Megawatts' represents his lyrical persona. He is known for his versatile speedy delivery and catchy hooks, combined with his clever word play and unique metaphors. His meticulous flow consistently tells a thought provoking story, and no doubt provides a breath of fresh air to the industry and its listeners. Together, 'Jermajesty Megawatts' is the total package of song writer, lyricist, producer, and graphic artist. These God-given talents grant him the distinct ability to develop, produce, and perform a music project from top to bottom. A formidable triple threat and business man, Megawatts is sure to be a mainstay in the industry for years to come.

website: www.megawattsfm.com
twitter: @real_Megawatts

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