Robotic Beatbox Atlanta, GA - RISE OF THE MACHINE

“WHAT THE HELL IS A ROBOTIC BEATBOX?” Robotic Beatbox is the new “Electronic Meets Boom Bap” themed artist collaboration project helmed by rising multi-genre, globe-trotting party rocker, Superstar DJ ROS. Best described as a possible the end result if the 1980’s mindset of RUN-DMC merged with the “rules be damned” attitude of Major Lazer, the chief focus of “RB” is bringing the essence of the true school, hip-hop block party vibe and real DJ acumen to today’s increasingly expanding and pleasantly inclusive electronic music tent. As the first foray into the “artist” side of the DJ lane for ROS, Robotic Beatbox allows a unique creative outlet that he states his individual career absolutely needed. “It’s been wild to travel the world playing to thousands of people for years without having records of your own out in the market”, he states. “I was blessed to come up in the DJ game the authentic way: earning a name by being dope which in turn allowed me access to venues & events all over the globe as both a headliner & support for other artists. “RB” is simply the next logical step for growth for me as a DJ in the creative, touring, & retail space”, he continues. Originally, Robotic Beatbox was conceptualized in 2012 as a DJ/MC performance duo concept with legendary rap icon, Greg NICE from “Nice & Smooth”. When that pairing couldn’t get out of the blocks due to creative differences, ROS decided to pair with club heavyweight, DJ Mars as a DJ/production duo. That incarnation also fell apart due to conflicting schedules & visions. Disappointed but undeterred, ROS eventually made the decision to create collaborative records with peers and industry friends from all over the globe but perform under the new moniker alone. It turns out that that was the perfect choice. Fast forward a few months with a completed first project in hand, ROS as “The Robot” is prepping an all-out assault on the live performance DJ game. “I really want to make it difficult to call yourself a ‘DJ’ if you can only twist knobs & jump around the stage”, explains ROS referencing one of the banes of the current EDM scene, ‘The Non-DJing DJ’. “Robotic Beatbox is not just another act trying to ride the global dance music wave like a ton of these new names,” he continues. The project is not only about dope original music releases but also demonstrating what a real ‘live DJ set’ looks like. The people need to see the real deal”, he concludes. What is clear from the start is the Robotic Beatbox mission statement: create dope music that allows for an equal space at the table for both authentic DJ skill sets & golden-era hip-hop influences. To the latter goals’ point, a quick viewing of the tentative tracklisting for their upcoming debut mixtape, “RISE OF THE MACHINE” clearly illustrates that this project is not your garden variety “electronic dance music” affair. Names like Tribe Called Quest, BDP, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Wu-Tang Clan are a definite departure from the usual fare of the Calvin Harris & Hardwell bootlegs generally seen on electronic DJ mix compilations. Additionally, the list of contributors & collaborations are not your standard issue either. Names like DJ Chuckie, DJ Scene, Leeyou & Danceey, Nextakin, and DJ Kontrol all make appearances leading to one of the most eclectic line-ups of artists on a ‘new’ project that one may ever see in the electronic music lane. Setting the tone for the pending “robot invasion” is the infectious first single from the group “Move It Like BeyoncĂ©”, a ragga-twerk collaboration with reggae legend Cutty Ranks, Twerk Architect, Mr. Collipark, and rising bass star-in-the making, JSTJR. Boasting a completely unique song format & a call-to-arms sample from Mystikal, “Move It Like…” immediately serves notice that ROS is deadly serious about the success of this ‘side project’ and definitely knows how to craft a hit. The record has proven to be a dance floor missile as remixes & bootlegs have popped up all over the globe with virtually no radio support or label backing. Though originally released in August 2015, the recently released Spring Break 2015 remix pack has once again proven that the success of the first single from “RISE OF THE MACHINE” was no fluke. Robotic Beatbox is for real. After working the debut single & beginning the first trek on the touring circuit as a performing artist, the stated plan is to work 2-3 more original tracks from “RISE OF THE MACHINE” to introduce the vibe of the project, release a second Robotic Beatbox mixtape entitled “Down By Law” on July 4th featuring more original material & remixes, and to set up for a 2016 commercial EP release via all leading online retail portals. There are a number of edm DJ super groups & pairings forming to release records & perform around the scene currently. Not a single one of them sound anything like what’s coming from the man soon to be known as “The Robot”. Prepare for the invasion. You have been warned…. ALL HAIL THE BEATBOX!



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