Crizzy Santaiga - W.S.I.E trilogy, "Legendary"

Crizzy Santaiga is back with his 4th mixtape and final chapter of the W.S.I.E trilogy, "Legendary". Coming a long way from his first mixtape W.S.I.E released February 2013, Santaiga has been consistent with his "beat surfing" flow and hunger to knock down industry doors. Rapping over a versatile variety of beats with production from Beats Craze, Rich Kidd, Pilsbury Beats, and Icy Cold, he continues to enliven you on the final run of his W.S.I.E hustler story. "Legendary" is a celebration every hustlers invited to.

Checkout  Crizzy Santaiga's new mixtape release and let me know what you think, remember all constructive criticism welcome.

Artist: Crizzy Santaiga
Project: W.S.I.E 3: Legendary

Available on iTunes:

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