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The mind of a musical maniac, the sound of saturated substance, a musical forced to be reckoned with, and a gentleman with a dream who's changing the game, switching lanes and taking no shortcuts or side streets to get the job done. Who you ask? Well, if you've been looking for a new sound to ACCELERATE the movement to revive a dying musically lyrical generation, you've reached your DESTINATION.

Similar to the sleek, suave Italian wheels of luxury, Quan Maserati is stopping at nothing to make his name known amongst the greatest to ever do it, all the while staying in his own LANE and cruising at his own SPEED.

Growing up in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the 90’s, Maserati quickly realized that although hustling and grinding were two of the most important key elements for success, street hustling seemed more favorable. However, circumstances proved that he needed to find an alternate route if he wanted to make it out alive. He’d lost people closest to him, witnessed crime, drugs and death. He finally came to the realization that he’d darted and dodged his own fate one too many times. Education and music was his only way out.

In 2013 Maserati graduated with a degree in history from the University of South Carolina. With this, he now had the professionalism and motivation he needed to get back to his first true love: music. Vowing he would not take any more losses, he allowed his past to guide his pen and turned his thoughts into a melody.        

His newfound approach and guidance, has allowed him to attack music from a different angle than some may be accustomed to. The golden ticket: his combination of stories about love, life and street confidence that he tells in a way that any fan from any walk of life, can relate to.

Maserati, is everything his moniker says he is. His ambiance and valor has proven him to be a step in a new direction toward a redefined method of music.

Every day he finds out something new about himself that enables him to continue to tell his story to the world through his music.

With his new album, “I Can’t Die” in circulation, the title speaks for itself. Maserati believes he has been through so many formidable situations throughout his 26 years of life, that the best is only yet to come. He’s well-rested and ready to take the music industry by storm and has a statement to be made for anyone willing to listen.

His latest effort has been the recording of his next project, “I Once Loved.” He’s also working on branding his upcoming label as well as looking for new talent that can assist with the kick start of his entertainment company. He’s preparing to launch a new clothing line and is currently gathering ideas for T-shirts and head gear. In addition, he’s hitting the road and traveling to expand his fan base on an independent run. Through the midst of hard work and a busy schedule, his family remains his leading focus. He states, “I constantly tell my family to hold on because I’m willing to use myself to get us out of our situation.”

With musical influences such as 50 Cent, Rick Ross & David Ruffin, he’s created a strategic formula and a game plan to become the best to ever do it...the RIGHT way. 


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