Extremely-talented music-producer Tracy Tyler @BeatsByTracy

Extremely-talented music-producer Tracy Tyler has spent his lifetime immersed deeply in all aspects of his craft, becoming more and more connected to the pulse of the industry as he grew up. Spending his early years in Akron Ohio playing football before the music took over; the switch came easily for Tracy as he began to discover his talent on guitar and began forming bands to play everything from funk, metal, R&B and quickly learned to adapt to and work with any sound that came his way.
It was through attending his course in Music Theory at the University of Akron that Tracy discovered his passion for being behind the scenes. Wanting more for himself than to simply be another guitar player in a sea of endless talent, he began to dive deep into production, reading and learning everything he could and gaining the knowledge he needed to be a driving force in the music industry. Eventually testing out his new skillset, he produced songs in Cleveland that quickly confirmed he was on the right path as they blew up in the local scene and found their way to college radio stations in Akron.

After brief moves to Atlanta and Florida that led to him being completely broke, Tracy rebounded from hard times with his final move to South Beach. Inspired by artists/producers like Prince, Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre and countless others, Tracy Tyler’s gift for adaptation and incredible ear for sound have made him a go-to choice for artists looking for the perfect hip-hop, R&B or pop textures to hold their music together. His incredible talents can most recently be found on the Hood Billionaire album from major-label recording artist Rick Ross, having produced the track “Nickel Rock.” His perseverance and commitment in both his personal life and the studio are unmatched; Tracy Tyler has become an inspiration to those who have yet to find the courage to follow their dreams by leading the way himself and encouraging others to embrace the limitless possibilities of their incredible talent.

IG: BeatsByTracyTyler
T: BeatsByTracy
Vine: BeatsByTracy
Credits: Nickel Rock  -  Rick Ross feat Boosie Badazz

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