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Daniel has been writing songs since He was 10. He accepted The Lord in his heart when he was 7 ,and grew up listening to rap , since He enjoyed listening to rap .He decided to start writing rap lyrics as He wanted people to Know The Lord ,and he felt He could reach people and witness for The Lord through His rap. Although Daniel Grew up in church and accepted The Lord he got out of church for a while and got depressed ,and at one point in time. He felt He messed up to bad to witness for God. He thought he was a failure to God ,and a failure to himself ,and a failure to others ,but His mom and the rest of his family ,as well as his church family kept praying for him. He had a discussion with his dad ,and His dad said no matter how bad he messed up or fell down it would not let Him stop telling people about The Lord. He said you use to witness for The Lord and it help people ,and that motivated Daniel to get back in church ,start back praying start back reading The Bible, and it also motivated Him to write His song Nothing Going To Stop Me ,which is talking about Nothing is Going To Stop Him from Praising the Lord ,and Nothing Going To Stop Me is also the name of his first EP He also has a song on his album called Please come back which is the last song on the EP ,which is asking the people who you use to go to church ,but got out for a while to come back, and to draw the backslidden back to God ,as Daniel was once there , but God is using Him , even though he was in that situation ,and feels God can use others. Daniel has been aired on Rhema Gospel radio in Houston, Texas, Bauceman Radio in Chicago ,Ktdgs radio in Phoneix , AZ ,Hood Gospel Radio in Phoneix, Az .la talk radio in Los Angeles , CA Music Money mixtapes Radio in Canada The beat Radio in Miami ,and on the To be honest radio talk show in Houston, as well. His songs Relentless ,Nothing Going To Stop me Didn't know & High hopes place in the top 10 on these radio stations during a couple months of 2013 and 2014, Nothing going To Stop Me placing #1 of November 2013 on Hood Gospel Radio, and placing # 3 on Ktdgs Radio. He has also been aired by Madd rad in Chicago , Caliente fm in Miami ,and Xsite radio in California ,as well as a number of other stations. He was interviewed on Wtvy4 news his local news channel in Dothan, Al ,and did radio interviews on Bauceman Radio, Chicago , Artist First Radio in Alliance Ohio ,and Kaz Radio i n Euclid ,Ohio ,and was interviewed on latalk radio on the radio show fellowship with Carmelo Angel. Daniel is also a poet ,and has a spiritual poetry Book on Amazon ,and Amazon kindle called Overcoming Adversity. Daniel performs at church ,and in his his local community as well ,and is looking for more openings around Hos Region .and some national gigs. . His Goal and Purpose is to draw the backslidden back to God ,get souls save ,praise God ,and have fun, uplifting the name of Christ ,keep the brother and sisters Christ encouraged and motivated ,bring happiness and joy to people while uplifting Christ and bringing Glory to The Father God in the name of his Holy son . Daniel released His Sophomore EP Ministry on The Mic on iTunes i amazon ,CD Baby etc ,This one He says is true hiphop as he has some singing on there ,and collab with some other artist. This is once again testimony Christian Hiphop Music, you can hear His songs Nothing Going To Stop Me Glorifying you and Hope For on The world on his website. He also has some great music on the Full EP that you need to hear and be blessed by like his song People Need to realize featuring P20 ,and his song God Is Your protector a Biblical rap for Israel. You can also purchase Daniel 's music .book and clothes at some of his shows, concerts and if you live in the local area in wiregrass Alabama area ,let Him know if you are interested in buying clothes from His line.

twitter handle @romans82899

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