IMarc Entertainment Group Presents Robert Nettles, Jr.

IMarc Entertainment Group Presents Robert Nettles, Jr.

 Robert Nettles, Jr. is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, artist, and producer.
 Over the years he has been linked to the success of other artists and entertainers in the music industry. Releasing his own indie R&B debut album entitled “Its You And Me”. Robert Nettles, Jr. has brought his talent to this project playing, performing, writing, arranging and producing all tracks(sax solo performed by Larry Munoz who appears courtesy of L.A.Z. Entertainment on “Ooh Aah Ooh La La”).

Imarc Entertainment Group believes you are sure to enjoy the rhythmic grooves and ballads this creative album takes you on.

 (Twitter) Robert Nettles, Jr.@RobertNettlesJr
 (Listen Now On iTunes)

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