Addictz @Pi11s in the Lab and Pildoras Projex Music Group present.. The Ministers Genocide .0

About the Album:
Addictz in the Lab and Pildoras Projex Music Group present..

The Ministers Genocide .0

With Production by Dj Bless 1ne, Demitri Montour, along with the sounds of Eksl and guest appearance by Jon Conna, and the one and only AWOL ONE.

"In today's society the individual thought is slowly being killed by the powerful influence of social media. We are all a bunch a puppets now following the latest of trends. Killing our very own independence and uniqueness by becoming the new aged sheep. Here at pildoras projex music group we are not here to deny or advocate the fact of the Modern genocide today. We are victims of the same media timelines you all share. Taking out all the bubble gum fluff and nonsense our timeline of the world today sounds like. Please hold no offence towards us. This timeline is the same one we all scroll through. Our job here today is to illustrate the revolving world of egos, bigots, racists and the plain stupidity while providing you all with a soundtrack for it. Now that we got that out the way. Enjoy a Free Download of "DDAY" at"

About Addictz in the Lab:

Addictz in the lab is a group that is stuck in time. Based out of El Paso Texas and the Inland Empire Ca and with a sound straight out of the golden era of hip hop group members P.I.L.L.S and Nukleus released their first collaboration under the title "The Ministers".

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