I was born and raised in East Macon, Ga. Fourth child and I have two sisters and one brother, a lot of family though.  My music background goes far into the past.  I’ve been performing music since I was a child, live band.  My mother and father both have traveled the world performing music so it starts with them.  My father wrote songs for the S.O.S. Band, my mother has played the flute along side Isaac Hayes. Both attended Morris Brown College to sharpen their musical skills.  My great Uncle “Robert Scott” was an very influential in the school music curriculum in Central Georgia as well.  I’ve been doing rap now for about 10 years and had the chance to record with different artist from all over the world and in studios all over the world.  I love to make music.  I want to release music because I love the initial response to my records of my fans and family.  I have great fans that are very supportive.  Rap music gives me an opportunity to showcase a gift and also get paid to do it.  In a way, people relate to music more because it inspires emotion. Recording music is also a good stress and frustration relief outlet as well.  Music last forever, melodies and phrases in music can stick with people for a lifetime, and help encourage and motivate people in a time of need.  We all need music in our lives.     My songs vary in subject. Sometimes I rap about partying and sometimes I rap about struggling.  I like to rap about the things I’ve done in my lifetime, situations I’ve been in.  Rapping about my life makes it easier to write and get the ideas out because they are fresh in my head.  I have interesting experiences and lessons that I have learned in my lifetime.  My subject matter when I record depends on the mood at the time.  Whatever feels good and sounds great at the time. There have been times where I have recorded songs and not released them or released them later in the year.   I love to collaborate as well, new energy and ideas can make new sounds and music is constantly evolving  My fan base is directed towards the 14-40 year old crowd.  Directed towards the people that wanna have fun, people that wanna come up, people that are willing to take a risk to make their lives better, for the ambitious.  I give my fans my real life and hope they enjoy my music.  The response is always positive. 

 I’d like to work with many my favorite major artist, 
eventually id like to have my own nationwide tour or 
even and international tour. Hope that my opportunity 
in rap will give others an opportunity to pursue their 
careers and create their dreams.  In 10 years I see 
myself more on the executive side of music, still an 
artist though, I feel as if my rap style

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For booking and inquiries please email RTBMusiKLLC@Gmail.com

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