Baby Davies @BBabymelody - Releases "Voice" Title Track From The Lp "Voice"

Baby Davies is a Songwriter,Worshiper,praise leader and exotic singer, uniting audiences across Gospel and mainstream. Her flamboyant and irresistible rhythm and rhapsodies have resulted in Albums that consistently catch the imagination of popular and prolific ministers in the kingdom of God.

Baby Davies Has been a multi – platinum– selling purveyor of majestic fusion of Gospel and contemporary music, and a mirror of Christian humanity boldly disseminating the glorious Gospel worldwide. Her creativity combined with God’s given talents has made her an exemplar in this end time.

VOICE. the one word that reflect Baby’s creativity and relentless desire to reach people from all works of life. The Album Voice is a song with stylish and intoxicating force that is about to hit the society. The song Voice and 13 other tracks is now available on ITunes, Amazon, and all digital music stores.

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