@intricatefolk - Their debut song, “Pride”

Intricate Folk is a band/group based out of Southern California.  The group’s name is centered around the brand “Only IF” which translates, “Only Intricate Folk”.  The word “Folk” was chosen to describe the man or woman thought to be common or simplistic, however very gifted in areas unrecognizable to the majority.  

The main members of Intricate Folk are Louisiana natives who now live on the west coast (Los Angeles County and Las Vegas).  D. Jude is the founder of the group and Yahz Chyld is the group’s main vocalist.  D. Jude was quoted in saying that his chemistry with Yahz in the studio is “uncanny”.  He mentioned that he could write a song that Yahz had never heard in his life and Yahz would learn it and record it near perfectly in a couple of hours. It was then he proposed a group idea with Yahz instead of just having a producer/singer relationship

Their debut song, “Pride”, is a Funk/Pop/R&B mashup that showcases some very attractive songwriting and sonically amazing, yet funky-soul vocals. The song is performed by Yahz Chyld and written and produced by D. Jude. The music video is set to shoot in Las Vegas on June 6 and 7.

Twitter/Instagram: @intricatefolk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intricatefolk/

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