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Jayson Gipson is a South Carolina native, residing in New York; Jump-started his musical career in 2006, as an R&B/Soul/Pop/ singer- songwriter entrepreneur.
The gifted songwriter is known by his stage name Jey Gibbs.   Jey is the creative force behind his talent.  He uses his vocal abilities to express his distinctive style.  The style that is naturally seasoned with a special flavor,  and tempered with a vintage charm he calls Da-E-ffect.
An artist that was in development, with staggering quantities of R&B songs-- Jey have arrived at the fore of his musical career, has incredible work ethics, wisdom and the confidence to send a message to his followers loud and clear---I am here.
Jey participated in numerous musical endeavors;  performed at the Legendary Cotton Club, exhibited a show for the Harman’s Sound Store, hosted two of his own listening session at Diddy’s Home Studio with DJ Spynfo and Dj Bobby Trends of Hot 97 FM in New York. He awaits the crossover, the leap from entrepreneur performer to “global brand”.  By the sound of his new solo offerings, Flavor-- it won’t be long.

Discover the latest and watch Jey Gibbs videos Touch yo Body, Shout It Out and Twerk online.  His renditions of song thumping, club banger songs, sung and written by him, premiere performances , music news and much more can be listened to and viewed on all his social media @jeygibbs.  

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