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I was born in Chicago Heights Illinois. When i was a child I was not sure what of where I wanted to be because honestly looking at my neighborhood i never thought I would live past 16. When I was young got into a lot of trouble with burglaries and gun play. Selling drugs came later on in life as well did gang banging. 

As a child I believed pretty much everything my older peers said so whatever I was instructed to do I handled and didn't question. I dropped out of high school and joined the local street organization and life began to take a big plight from there. After sitting and talking to my grandmother one night I decided to do something different.  I remember standing on the block all day trying to raise money for a microphone. 

I ended up hooking up with a local label and recorded my first hot feature "Grown and Sexy". During this season I got into life threatening trouble and my mother decided to leave the city to give us a better chance at life. I didn't immediately leave. I stayed for a year longer and ended up getting into even more trouble. Eventually I got so tied into trouble that I forgot about the music.  It was my GRANDMOTHER, who motivated me to pick the music up and make this vision come true. I moved to Atlanta and started pushing the music even heavier. I came so close to picking up a major music production deal but turned it down because the team I was with then wasn't who was needed to get the job done. I decided to take a moment to review the progress and issues in life that I was dealing with. Before my grandmother passed, she told me to do what I was born to do. Giving the world me and reminding them of their greatness with a little work I knew would begin the process of healing that we all needed. After the birth of my son Mykhai, I began studying more about myself.

I discovered that I had grown and no longer was blind to what really happened in those streets as a child. I wrote my debut single "Back To Mars" to represent the awakening processes I'm currently experiencing, realizing that we are all strangers in this world and if only we could accept this fact coming together would be easier. Instead of pointing out the obvious financial difference between us, I accept that fact and point out the agenda we all share responsibility in as an entire humanity. To bring the world together as a team and bring about the most beautiful work of art ever brought to the mind. This work of art is what I call TRUTH!!! Together me and my fans (family) can bring about this change. I tell the stories of the project child that never had the innocent being imprisoned and the poor being left without. This is what I grew up like and I refuse to let history erase the struggle. We are one!!

ARTIST: PRYNCE TONE ft Andrea Couture
PRODUCER: Prynce Tone /Royaltysinc, Music Produced by Kevin Touw/ Scarecrow Beats
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Michał Sałek / DDStudio ​

Director of A&R
Cleveland Unlimited Records, LLC
Twitter: @ctownrecords

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