RICK PARMA SINGER/SAXOPHONIST/ENTERTAINER “Simply put – Rick Parma is awe-inspiring” - GigBand.com rickparma.com Besame Caliente - Single release 2015 This fiery latin track is CALIENTE! Passionate, sexy, sultry, smooth, intense, and WOW are just a few words to describe this collaboration. Rick Parma is stellar as a saxophonist and singer but his ability to choose musicians to work with is just as fine tuned. Greg Adams is the best choice for Besame Caliente. His unique sound and amazing jazz approach was the perfect fit to complete this track. Click here to listen

PIECE OF HEAVEN - Album release 2014 This album has everything a contemporary jazz album should have. Rick’s saxophone soars over beautifully produced tracks effortlessly. His vocals (yes, his vocals) are as smooth and stylish. He pulls you in close so that you can feel everything he is singing.

REVIEWS “Best when you want a peaceful, soothing, tranquil musical catalogue to delicately slip into your soul” - MusicEmissions.com “Simply put – Rick Parma is awe-inspiring” - GigBand.com “It just makes things feel——-better.” - AllWhatsRock.com “All the elements that make a fantastic smooth jazz record.” - IndieShark.com rickparma.com

THE COOL NIGHT AIR CD release 2009 This album was the last thing rick did before packing up his truck and moving from Chicago to Los Angeles. 9 tracks that truly show you the heart of Rick’s creative style.

JUST GETTIN’ STARTED CD release 2005 Rick Parma’s debut album. Hypnotic hip hop grooves, smooth sax melodies, and passionate approaches to 9 tracks that get you in the mood.

PERFORMANCES 10/2014 - Smooth Jazz Cruise Talent Contest Winner - Video 5/25/14 - Cocaine Anonymous® World Services Convention 6/22/14 - Long Beach Bayou Festival 10/12/2014 - Kobe Bistro (CD Release Party) 2014 & 2015 - Long Beach Jazz Festival 2014 & 2015 - Carson Jazz Festival 2014 & 2015 - Humphreys Labor Day Fest 2015 & 2016 - Hands 4 Hope Fundraiser 2015 - St. Lucia Sandals Resort

 SHORT BIO Born and raised in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. Rick Parma has always wanted to capture an audience with passion for music since he was 8 years old. At the age of 14 he was given his first tool to make that happen when he picked up the saxophone. Nearly twenty years later, he has developed his voice as his second tool to continue his life long dream. What's next? Only Rick knows...

FULL BIO Hailing from Chicago, Rick Parma is a talented performer who set out to embrace the spirit, vivacity and charm of his town, notoriously hailed as home of one of the liveliest music scenes on the planet. Rick managed to thrive and develop his talent within such a colorful and productive environment, particularly focusing on his saxophone playing, singing and showmanship. Rick Parma approaches his instrument in a unique, personal and charismatic way, bridging the gaps between genres the likes of Jazz, RnB, Funk, Latin, Blues and rock, with an open mind and with an eclectic attitude. The Chicago sound is known all over the world for being a true catalyst, a converging point where all of the aforementioned genres had the unique chance to meet, interbreed, change, evolve into something truly unique and characteristic that would have probably never occur anywhere else rickparma.com the way it did, at the time it did and where it did. Rick set out to embrace and cultivate this sound, and capture all its nuances according to his unique sensibility as an artist and a performer. Music is all about evolution, and evolution only comes with the touch, feel and drive of single artists, who pass on what they love and learn from their own surroundings. With the Chicago sound flowing through his veins forever, Rick Parma set out to bring the music he loved somewhere else, starting a new chapter and new, exciting adventure. In 2009, Rick left his Chicago home for Southern California, where he settled within the local scene from the start, leaving a trail of positive responses and enthusiastic feedback after each and every live performance. His live activity brought him under the spotlight of some of the most renowned clubs and live venues and events in the area, including shows at Spaghettini, The Whiskey A Go Go, and appearances at the legendary Newport Beach Jazz Fest, just to name a few.

THE SAX This artist is driven by a passionate, direct approach that make up for something more than just a skilled instrumentalist. When Rick plays his saxophone, he's not just worried about getting those notes right, about keeping up with the BPM (things that he can do effortlessly, anyway) and other technicalities, but he focuses on the feeling. Music is first and foremost an expression. It's about the energy that gets released in a room, when musicians can create just that perfect vibe, that feel and that charisma, which in a moment feeds back to the audience, whose response goes back to the band, just like a spark.

THE VOICE And then he takes the microphone... Everything that he has ever known about music through his saxophone, has now seamlessly switched gears and redirected to his lips and vocal chords. What you hear is a controlled full-range voice with power, sweetness, tonality, flexibility, smoothness, and style that makes you believe your hearing a professionally recorded CD. With his voice, Rick is able to express more of his true soulful rickparma.com passion that he does with his sax. Then without any effort, continues his expression with the sax again. The two flow together in a way that no other artist has ever done. His ability to have a beautiful low-end presence along with crisp highs, Parma has a six octave range that he uses to make sure that the listener feels every bit of what he is passionately saying.

INFLUENCES It was the song "In Your Face" by saxophonist Richard Elliot that Rick heard as a child that got him excited about the saxophone in the first place. However, it wasn't until watching a Dave Koz performance on cable T.V. that Rick fell in love with the idea of putting on a show and completely having the audience's every emotion in his hands. A few years later when Rick started high school, band was a mandatory class and he got his first shot at the sax. It was an instant connection! This was the one class the teacher never had to remind him to do his homework. As he developed as a beginner, his teacher shared with him music from other artists such as David Sanborn, Warren Hill, Boney James, Eric Marienthal, and a few others. Through that, he developed his skills and techniques from his mentors. That was just the beginning. Early in his beginning stages when he heard an idea for a melody in his head, it was being played by one of his mentors. It was his passion inside that created his very own style and sound, now he hears himself. This is key to being a true artist. Most try to copy others, a select few want to be something new. Now Rick's saxophone and voice go hand in hand. rickparma.com Live at Spaghettini for the 10th Anniversary of Smooth Jazz News Magazine. (R. Parma far right)

RICK'S SETUP Rick uses a SAXZ black nickel alto saxophone. His mouthpiece is a David Sanborn model SAXZ BY Mitsu Watanabe made of 100% solid STERLING SILVER with a facing of 9. He uses Fibracell reeds Strength Med. Hard. Rick uses a Shure GLXD wireless microphone system and a Shure BETA 98H microphone. rickparma.com

Website: RickParma.com

Multimedia & Social Media:


Direct Contact: saxman@rickparma.com

Label: Independent Management: Gazelle Jacobs USA 562-533-3230 gazellejacobs@yahoo.com

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Justin Timberlake - Until the End of Time https://www.facebook.com/saxmanrp/videos/ 10207657435900312/

Jessy J - Tequila Moon https://www.facebook.com/saxmanrp/videos/ 10207657139972914/

BAND CLIPS Band at Carson Jazz Fest https://www.facebook.com/100000100281469/ videos/1158293647517300/

Purple Rain https://youtu.be/INwvJtnC1PM Band @ private event

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Band @ medium size restaurant https://www.facebook.com/100000100281469/ videos/1087394164607249/

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