CMD Styles & Sonny Spoon #WhatReallyMatters New Single & MOVEMENT! DJ 320 Service Pack

CMD Styles 
& Sonny Spoon
"What Really Matters"
New Single

***For immediate release***
Middle Georgia rap veterans CMD Styles and Sonny Spoon team up
for blistering new single "What Really Matters"
Macon, Ga.- We are living in a most perilous time in our nation's history. Cops kill unarmed black men at an alarming rate. Protesters line city streets demanding for justice. Police officers are ambushed and gunned down by vigilantes. Deranged gunmen kill masses of people. Citizens are terrified to leave their homes. Civil unrest has become commonplace.
As a reflection of these grim realities in which we face day to day, Macon, Ga. hometown heroes CMD Styles and Sonny Spoon deliver a powerful new collaborative single "What Really Matters."
"What really matters is a question that needs to be answered," explains CMD. "We understand the concept behind Black Lives Matter, the concept behind All Lives Matter and when police officers say Blue Lives Matter. But we have to ask ourselves what really matters because at the end of the day, we all want to get home alive and celebrate life. The song is a celebration of life regardless of your lifestyle."
Over a pulsating drum track and riveting synthesizers, CMD Styles opens the first verse with a call for unity of all Americans. On the contrary, Spoon takes a more militant, eye-for-an-eye approach.
"It was definitely something that needed to be said," says Sonny Spoon. "The song deals with every element in society-gay rights, religion, the Black Lives Matter Movement, people trying to quell that with All Lives Matter, even people who say that Blue Lives Matter."
The song is lead single from CMD's as-yet-untitled album is set to be released later this year on independent labels Chasing My Dreams/ U Can't C Me Records. The album will be collaborative effort between CMD Styles featuring regional rap legend Sonny Spoon.
Born in San Diego, Calif. and raised in Macon, CMD Styles is a staple in the local rap scene. He first made major noise as a member of 1990s rap trio Soulism then later became recognized as a solo artist with album Hisstory in the Macon and mixtape well-received mixtape Paint or Die.
Considered a Georgia legend, Sonny Spoon has recorded a total of nine albums has collaborated with hip hop heavy weights such as T.I.Cee-low Green8 Ball & MJG,Bun B and Young Jeezy. He is also anticipating the release of his upcoming compilation Sonny Spoon's Greatest Hits.
"If you go back and listen to any of my projects, I've always given you socially conscious music that dealt with the issues that we face day to day, even though we'd give them some hard-hitting tracks and talk about the streets," says Spoon. "Artists feel the hearts of the people and communicate things that most people want to say. We channel that energy of the people and convey it in music." 

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